More than 30 years ago, a seed was planted in the mind of local busines owner John Loch. He was looking to hire a new employee at his drywall company. A friend recommended interviewing someone he described as a "real head buzz." When John met the guy, he wasn't exactly impressed. But John quickly learned first impressions can be dead wrong. You can't judge a book by its cover.

The Screamin' Head Buzz movement is much the same. You may think you get it - but you won't really understand until you experience it for yourself. The idea of a person being a "head buzz" stuck with John Loch. But even he didn't realize what it would eventually become.

Not long after that job interview, John happened to find a funny-looking rubber guy on the ground. He attached it to his truck. The bug-eyed little thing with flappy arms looked like it was screaming in the wind as the truck barreled down the road. What he didn't realize at the time was this goofy toy would become the inspiration for what is now the Screamin' Head Buzz mascot. It's a symbol for the exhilarating feeling that comes from doing something amazing.

Someone who is a Screamin' Head Buzz may have overcome an obstacle in their own life, stepped out of their comfort zone to help someone else, or organized others in an effort to make the world a better place. But no matter what - a Screamin' Head Buzz has a great time doing what they do and they pull others into the fun and excitement.

On the Gridiron and the Golf Course

Over the years, a Screamin' Head Buzz motto emerged..."Wanna Go Nutzz? We'll All Go Nutzz!" John Loch took the Screamin' Head Buzz vision to his work as an elementary football and high school basketball coach where he inspired young people to both push themselves as individuals and work together as a team.

That saying became the battle cry his players called out before each game. He also started using the "Wanna Go Nutzz" motto with buddies and business associates.

One day, Loch and some friends realized the Screamin' Head Buzz concept had some serious potential to do great things. They organized a charity golf outing, expecting to raise around $500. The event ended up bringing in $5,000! John realized this Screamin' Head Buzz thing could be much bigger than he first thought.

And that's how the Screamin' Head Buzz movement evolved from a comical comment and an abandoned rubber toy into a mission of encouraging others to discover the adrenaline rush you get from making a positive impact.

Screamin' Louder Than Ever!

Screamin Head Buzz regularly supports worthy causes - especially those directly connected to our area. We also honor individuals who do outstanding things within the community with the Screamin' Head Buzz Hall of Fame. In the future, we hope Screamin' Head Buzz expands beyond Green Bay, Wisconsin. And it will, as more and more of us step up and take part. The only way to get this sort of "head buzz" is to accomplish something that truly matters. That buzz totally intensifies when people join forces to make a difference and have fun at the same time.

Screamin' Head Buzz can't be contained. It is going to catch on like wildfire.  As we always say - It's a State of Mind and a Way of Life!

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